Monday, January 19, 2009

WOW...It has been a long time!

Gentlemen & Ladies, I really must apologize for the lapse in time from my last post until now. It has been really busy around the Ackerman house. So the best I can do... is RECAP!

THANKSGIVING was very low key. We celebrated a day early just the four of us and they celebrated with Roy's parents on Thursday.

On Friday, we traveled to Indy to visit with more family and root on our Football Tigers. The boys put out a valiant effort and represented Southern Indiana proudly, but we did not make state champs. We all had a great time and Lucas Oil Stadium is amazing!

Autumn in southern Indiana... The color this year was really nice and Neil enjoyed helping with the annual "raking" of the he could jump in them. There were a multitude of leaves this year. It seemed as thoug we were raking and mulching for three weeks straight!

CHRISTMAS TIME was very nice and we were so very blessed . Kellie attended the Christmas dance. She looked beautiful and she had a great time. Great dress selection by Aunt Marianne!

In addition, we had a beautiful midnight Christmas service. Christmas Day we enjoyed time with Roy's family and then we celebrated with the Keller's on Friday and Saturday. PARTY, PARTY, PARTY!

2009 The New Year! We celebrated as a family by going to mass New Year's Eve, had our traditional dinner at Turoni's followed by our drive through the Ritzy's Fantasy of Lights Display! Then on New Year's Day, Kellie and Neil were able to spend some fun time with Grandma and Grandpa Keller, while Roy and I drove up to French Lick to enjoy the an overnight at the West Badin Hotel. After a lengthy renovation, it finally opened in May 2007. We both had been dying to go up there and it is truly an amazing place.


GrandmaK said...

Loved your pic...esp with Uncle Wes, you and Neil!

GrandmaK said...

OOP! that was Roy not you in the pic...should have looked more closely!! HEHEHEHEHE! MOM