Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Visiting the McGlones

Our main purpose to head out West was to visit with family. We were blessed to see Great-Grandmother, Uncle Phil, Aunt Deb and Megan. We had so much fun playing games, learning to knit, went on fun hikes, ate fabulous food and had wonderful conversation. All was truly memorable and unforgetable! We love you!

Neil's Thoughts

Here are a few of Neil's thoughts about our trip:
"Our trip was good. My favorite things were the snow, mountains, ping-pong, basketball, Yellowstone River, bison, hikes, and smores! It was fun!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bison in the Morning

During our stay at Yellowstone, we got to sleep in a cabin just off of Yellowstone Lake. We had experienced snow the previous day and were anticipating 3-4 inches overnight. But when awoke, we looked outside the next morning we had snow and a whole lot more! We found a bison looking for grass through the snow along the edge of our cabin. WOW...how amazing!

Photos from Montana and Wyoning

Roy and Neil at Old Faithful

Laura & Grandmother
in the Beartooth Mountains

Enjoying snow in JUNE!

Adventures Out West

As I begin creating this blog, I do so after returning from our family quest to the western part of this beautiful country. The Ackerman Family was able to journey to Montana and Yellowstone. During our adventure, we were able to witness the fingerprints of God in the landscape, unique and marvelous creatures and the weather.

Welcome to our experiences...