Saturday, November 22, 2008


Last evening some 1500 Memorial fans braved a VERY COLD evening (between 20-30 degrees) to watch our Tigers beat the current, 2-time state champs of 3A Football, Bishop Chatard! WE are now off to state next weekend and the Ackerman's are very excited! Please enjoy the video recap. Unfortunately, there are not any of a guard gal...she was in the stands cheering....GO TIGERS!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Soccer State Continues

The fun and recognition continues...Several video links have been posted. I thought I would attach them so you could enjoy the fun as well. For the final game, our girls were the home team and were wearing white. In the championship game for the boys, they were the guest teama and wore blue!

Here is the link for the girls! And the link for the boys!

I hope you enjoy them!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Neil's Special Guest

On Friday, October 31st, Neil's third grade class put on a very cute Halloween Play. At the conclusion, they realized that they had had a very special guest...DON MATTINGLY. The kids all had fun meeting with him and he signed autographs for each of them. What a great Halloween surprise!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

October was busy ....

The Ackerman's have not posted in a while as we have been very busy with family fun, school activities, Halloween and high school boys & girls state soccer finals. Just see how much fun we had in the past four weeks!


Memorial Boys and Girls Soccer teams won the state championships on November 1st. Kellie and I were so very glad that we were able to get a chance to see all of the games. They were extremely close and well played games that went into overtime, PK's and suddent death! But after all of the excitement and hard work, our boys and girls came out on TOP!!! WAY TO GO TIGERS...WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU!!

Happy Halloween, Darth Vader!

Halloween for Neil was full of so many great things. First, he had a wonderful Halloween play performance at his school. After his performance, he got a real surprise...Don Mattingly visited his class and gave each student an autograph!

Next, he had trick-or-treating. Neil has become fascinated with Star Wars in the past few months and so he chose to be Darth Vader for Halloween this year. He had a great time going trick or treating with Grandpa Keller.

Fun filled Saturday

Last Saturday, Neil had a great deal of fun! We went to the Evansville Art Museum to learn about Day of Dead in Mexico. They currently have a fabulous exhibit which includes paintings, prints, photos and displays that show the uniqueness and beauty of this wonderful celebration.

After that, we went to a great traveling exhibit about the Civil War in Indiana. It was part of the Indiana History Train that makes stops throughout the state. Neil even got to meet Abraham Lincoln!

Lastly, we finished off the day with pumpkin picking. Neil new exactly what kind of pumpkins he wanted especially for his jack-o-lantern.

Overall, it was a full day, but what a great day!!!

50th Day of School

Tuesday, October 21st marked the 50th day of school for Kellie and me. Memorial decided to have a little fun with it and we could dress in 50's attire. For lunch we had burgers, shakes and sundaes and the played 50's music between passing periods. It was so much fun!

What a LADY!!

On Saturday, October 18th, 2008, a very special lady got married! My sister Marianne had a very special day full of family and celebration. She was so beautiful and has gained a wonderful, caring husband in Eric.

Welcome to our mess...

Roy, the kids and I have been working on our basement remodel with the little, available free time we have. It is the last section to complete in the house and we are eagerly anticipating the TRY to have it completed by the first of the year.

As you can see from this photo, we are still have more to do, but when it is completed it should be a great retreat for teenager, kids and adults alike. We will keep you up to date!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Yesterday, Memorial was playing Mater Dei in an afteroon game and it was thrilling! It was a very close game. A well played game.It went into overtime. Please enjoy the link with a recap of the game and a quick shot of Kellie performing at half-time! She is in the front. By the way MEMORIAL WON!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


While Kellie and I were at the band competition, Roy and Neil were at our local PBS station (WNIN) for their annual Kids Fest. Neil had great fun visiting with his favorite characters, received free books and he got to meet, Evie the litter dog. She is a beautiful golden labrador retriever that is that spokes-dog to reduce littering and keeping Evansville beautiful.

More Band FUN!

I have not found time to be online due to school obligations, running kids here and there and band competition. Tonight, we finished early, so I am passing on some photos from our recent competitions. The first photo was posted on the internet on Simply Instrumental. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Band Season Has Begun!

Yesterday, Kellie and her peers had their first band compeition in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. It was exciting, nerve-racking, exhilerating and full of FUN! As a parent, it was fullfilling to see them work together and finally get to perform as opposed to just practicing; to see them dressed-up in their uniforms rather than "t-shirts & shorts;" and to be at a venue rather than a parking lot.

I hope to keep you up-to-date on the band's progress through the coming months.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Yesterday at mass we were told that Sr. Celeste, our church's bookkeeper and all-around go to gal, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. When she had a routine trip to the doctor they located a cyst (what they thought was about the size of an egg) and suggested a hysterectomy. She had a full hysterectomy last Thursday...but during that surgery they found a softball size cyst and a fast spreading cancer. PLEASE pray for her recovery as it has not been determine what type of treatment she may need, but it was very shocking for her and for our church family.

This if just a friendly reminder of how important it is to have our annual exams and mamograms. You never know when something like this will show up and it could save our lives!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Week of School...35 more weeks to go

At the Ackerman's, we now have a freshman in high school! This past week, Kellie, Neil and I started school and we now have one full week completed! Neil started a new school and was thoroughly welcomed and loves his new teacher, Mrs. Woehler. Kellie started high school and also "loves" the new adventure that makes up high school...the extra homework, finding the many classrooms and more importantly, meeting new friends. The start of school was really good. We hope and pray for a continued great school year!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Last Day of Summer

Today, the kids along with Roy and I enjoy the last of summer break. But what a summer we have had...we were blessed to visit with many family members; we were able to experience and be amazed by the beauty of God's creativity in the form of nature and creatures; we were able to go camping, playing and having family fun; and we were are enjoying the excitement of the Olympics. It has been a wonderful summer for all of us!

The kids and I are ready! We have all of our supplies, new uniforms and are mentally prepared for the new year. Please pray for Kellie, Neil and I as we set sail for a new school year. We each have new challenges: new schools, new teachers and new leaders. May the 2008-2009 school year be a blessing and an intellectual growth for each one of us!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Unspectacular Quirk Meme

I had never heard of “memes” until I was tagged by sister-in-law, Kelly. So this will be a new experience for me.
The way she explained it is that I tell you 6 "unspectacular quirks" of mine, and then I mention 6 people and they have to list their quirks on their blog. Well, I can send it on to 3 as I only have that many people I know...still building!

As I have never done this before, bear with me….
1. I LOVE Battenberg cake…this is definitely one of those pleasures I truly miss from our time in England. If I could learn how to make this cake properly….ooh the poundage!

2. I am totally a morning person. Unless, you have me doing manual labor I turn into a pumpkin by 9:30 pm…how very sad!

3. AVERAGE…this is what I am labeled when it comes to height…but when your three brother border on or above six foot as well as your sister, it really makes me wonder how I got shorted in the gene pool.

4. My favorite movie is the original “Sabrina.” I love Audrey Hepburn and if I could look and act as elegant…WOW!

5. I am anxious for the beginning of band season. Our daughter, Kellie, will once again be performing with the color guard, but this year she will be adding weaponry…both rifle and saber. I am both excited by the thrill of the competition, but worried about possible injuries she may get in the process.

6. I like it when Roy and I get to take a nice quiet walk. They don’t happen a lot as he is usually working late or we have one or both kids to go to extra curricula’s. It really means a great deal to me.

And here are my friends that I hope will share unspectacular quirks: Jaime, Cami and Angela!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Marriage is like Baseball...

For our anniversary, we sent Kellie off to band camp in Ferdinand, IN and Roy & I celebrated by taking Neil to an Otters game. Now, it might not sound like the most "romantic" way to celebrate, there are many similarities between marriage and baseball. I hope you enjoy this article I found that discusses this very topic!

Baseball And Marriage

Peter Griffith
Daily Herald May 15, 1982

Baseball and marriage have much in common. Both are a team effort. You can't play baseball by yourself. You need others and have to get along with them. Marriage needs a partner. If marriage reaches a point where getting along is not possible, the marriage is over.

You strike out in marriage if you don't communicate or listen. If you want to connect and make a hit with your partner adhere to rules of communication. Don't talk to your spouse from the other end of the house or from another room. Walls absorb or muffle sounds. Speak out your spouse's name first. This sends the message that you want to talk with them, not with others in the house. If you don't speak their name at the beginning of a sentence, for all they know, you could be talking to the cat. Talk WITH, not AT your partner. Share ideas, rather than give commands. Giving criticism or directions which aren't wanted, is as effective as swinging at a wild pitch.

Always touch base. Baseball games have been lost because a runner missed touching a base. Touching base is important in marriage. Give affection and attention, in small, consistent doses. There's no point in saving all your affection and attention for the end of day, perhaps hoping to get to "home base" if you fail to provide support, compliments and gentleness during the rest of the day.

Every inning in baseball is a new beginning. The score from the previous innings remain, but things start again with the bases clear.

Marriage constantly needs new beginnings. Scores from past innings may be around but as opposed to baseball, they aren't to be counted. In healthy marriages old scores aren't carried forward. They may be remembered for a while, since we are human, but old scores can't be carried into the present. The key for doing this is forgiveness, the base on which a marriage is built, and lasts.

Marriage may be like a baseball game in many ways, but it must be played quite differently. The stakes and rewards in marriage are also much more important in your life, despite how much you may like baseball.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

17 years and still growing...

Today, Roy and I celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. We have been blessed through the examples of his parents who have been married 56 years as well my parents with their 40 years as of yesterday. We have been blessed with so many friends from around the world who have helped us to love more deeply, to grow more in faith and appreciate the gift of marriage in our lives.

"May God, our Father,
continue to bless our marriage from above,
and may we always dwell within the circle of His love."

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our Artist Neil

This summer Neil wanted to go to art camp. The Evansville Art Museum created an art camp for this summer and Neil had a blast. His teacher gave him a great deal of freedom and yet challenging projects. Roy and I were very impressed with the pieces he has created. In the photo, you can see him with his favorite one, but the watercolor landscape in the background is Mom’s favorite!

Summer Harvest

On the Ackerman Homestead, several of our garden projects are begin to ripening. Roy’s tomatoes are slowly getting red, but our blueberry bush is doing very well. Neil loves to go out and pick them in the morning. Right now we get about a cup a day which works well with us so we are not wasting any, but it won’t be long before we will be picking even more a day. YUM!

Oooohhh, Cadbury!

The Ackerman's received a most delicious package yesterday. Our dear friends, Marion, John & Domonic from England had shipped over a box full of different Cadbury chocolate bars and chocolate coated "biscuits" to spoil us! What a treat! We will savor every bite and will think of the Malley's! THANK YOU, FRIENDS!

40 Years of Blessings and Love

Today, Roy, the kids and I are going to help Mom and Dad celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary. In honor of this achievement, I would like to recognize their dedication and love for each other while providing my brothers, my sister and myself with a faith-based and loving home. THANK YOU, MOM & DAD! Here is to 40 more years!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Friends are Forever!

On Monday, I had the most enjoyable day! After many years of not knowing where we were and what we were doing, I was able to get in contact with one my "bestest" friends from grade school and high school, Lori. But the day was more special because I was able to get in touch with two other friends, Susan and Jenny. I think it has probably been at least 15 years since we had been together…but Monday helped to make up for lost time.

The kids and I drove to Vincennes and we met everyone at Gregg Park and enjoyed a lovely day at Rainbow beach. It was amazing to meet everyone’s beautiful children and find out what was going on in their lives since high school. It is our hope to stay in better touch and try to meet more often throughout the year. God continues to bless me with special people in my life. He provided for this wonderful opportunity and I really needed this experience this summer. Their presence was a true blessing for me.

Picking Potatoes with Grandpa

Last weekend we drove to Illinois to visit with Roy’s parents. At one point, Grandpa Ackerman wanted to dig for potatoes. They were able to dig up quite a few and THEY WERE REALLY GOOD EAT…YUM!

Freedom Festival & July 4th!

For 30 years, Evansville has hosted a Freedom Festival that begins the last weekend of June and culminates on July 4th. During that time, there are several air shows; many food booths along the riverfront; and Thunder on the Ohio (boat races). It is a wonderful time to celebrate our freedoms and have a great deal of family fun!

Freedom Festival and July 4th in Evansville Photos

Neil is in the cockpit!

Roy thought this was a really neat plane.

The Ackerman's on the 4th of July in Grandma & Grandpa's garden.

OOOH! Fireworks

Camping in Spring Mill

The Ackerman’s along with several other families from Neil’s Cub Scout troop enjoyed a lovely camping trip at Spring Mill State Park the end of June. The weather was great…not too hot, not too cool and no rain! We went hiking, cave exploring and visited the village. Some of the families had campers, but we enjoyed our tent camping!

We had a great deal of fun and it brought back a great of memories from when my family would visit Spring Mill and would go on our camping trips. It was a great weekend for everyone!

Neil and Roy after setting up camp!

Neil and friend inside the cave

Kellie is ready for the canoe...

Laura and Roy in the great outdoors!

A view of Spring Mill Village

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

On a nice evening, we took the kids to watch our "Evansville Otters" play at home! We had a really fun time and Neil enjoyed meeting Evan the Otter!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Visiting the McGlones

Our main purpose to head out West was to visit with family. We were blessed to see Great-Grandmother, Uncle Phil, Aunt Deb and Megan. We had so much fun playing games, learning to knit, went on fun hikes, ate fabulous food and had wonderful conversation. All was truly memorable and unforgetable! We love you!

Neil's Thoughts

Here are a few of Neil's thoughts about our trip:
"Our trip was good. My favorite things were the snow, mountains, ping-pong, basketball, Yellowstone River, bison, hikes, and smores! It was fun!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bison in the Morning

During our stay at Yellowstone, we got to sleep in a cabin just off of Yellowstone Lake. We had experienced snow the previous day and were anticipating 3-4 inches overnight. But when awoke, we looked outside the next morning we had snow and a whole lot more! We found a bison looking for grass through the snow along the edge of our cabin. amazing!

Photos from Montana and Wyoning

Roy and Neil at Old Faithful

Laura & Grandmother
in the Beartooth Mountains

Enjoying snow in JUNE!

Adventures Out West

As I begin creating this blog, I do so after returning from our family quest to the western part of this beautiful country. The Ackerman Family was able to journey to Montana and Yellowstone. During our adventure, we were able to witness the fingerprints of God in the landscape, unique and marvelous creatures and the weather.

Welcome to our experiences...