Saturday, November 22, 2008


Last evening some 1500 Memorial fans braved a VERY COLD evening (between 20-30 degrees) to watch our Tigers beat the current, 2-time state champs of 3A Football, Bishop Chatard! WE are now off to state next weekend and the Ackerman's are very excited! Please enjoy the video recap. Unfortunately, there are not any of a guard gal...she was in the stands cheering....GO TIGERS!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Soccer State Continues

The fun and recognition continues...Several video links have been posted. I thought I would attach them so you could enjoy the fun as well. For the final game, our girls were the home team and were wearing white. In the championship game for the boys, they were the guest teama and wore blue!

Here is the link for the girls! And the link for the boys!

I hope you enjoy them!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Neil's Special Guest

On Friday, October 31st, Neil's third grade class put on a very cute Halloween Play. At the conclusion, they realized that they had had a very special guest...DON MATTINGLY. The kids all had fun meeting with him and he signed autographs for each of them. What a great Halloween surprise!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

October was busy ....

The Ackerman's have not posted in a while as we have been very busy with family fun, school activities, Halloween and high school boys & girls state soccer finals. Just see how much fun we had in the past four weeks!


Memorial Boys and Girls Soccer teams won the state championships on November 1st. Kellie and I were so very glad that we were able to get a chance to see all of the games. They were extremely close and well played games that went into overtime, PK's and suddent death! But after all of the excitement and hard work, our boys and girls came out on TOP!!! WAY TO GO TIGERS...WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU!!

Happy Halloween, Darth Vader!

Halloween for Neil was full of so many great things. First, he had a wonderful Halloween play performance at his school. After his performance, he got a real surprise...Don Mattingly visited his class and gave each student an autograph!

Next, he had trick-or-treating. Neil has become fascinated with Star Wars in the past few months and so he chose to be Darth Vader for Halloween this year. He had a great time going trick or treating with Grandpa Keller.

Fun filled Saturday

Last Saturday, Neil had a great deal of fun! We went to the Evansville Art Museum to learn about Day of Dead in Mexico. They currently have a fabulous exhibit which includes paintings, prints, photos and displays that show the uniqueness and beauty of this wonderful celebration.

After that, we went to a great traveling exhibit about the Civil War in Indiana. It was part of the Indiana History Train that makes stops throughout the state. Neil even got to meet Abraham Lincoln!

Lastly, we finished off the day with pumpkin picking. Neil new exactly what kind of pumpkins he wanted especially for his jack-o-lantern.

Overall, it was a full day, but what a great day!!!

50th Day of School

Tuesday, October 21st marked the 50th day of school for Kellie and me. Memorial decided to have a little fun with it and we could dress in 50's attire. For lunch we had burgers, shakes and sundaes and the played 50's music between passing periods. It was so much fun!

What a LADY!!

On Saturday, October 18th, 2008, a very special lady got married! My sister Marianne had a very special day full of family and celebration. She was so beautiful and has gained a wonderful, caring husband in Eric.

Welcome to our mess...

Roy, the kids and I have been working on our basement remodel with the little, available free time we have. It is the last section to complete in the house and we are eagerly anticipating the TRY to have it completed by the first of the year.

As you can see from this photo, we are still have more to do, but when it is completed it should be a great retreat for teenager, kids and adults alike. We will keep you up to date!