Monday, August 25, 2008


Yesterday at mass we were told that Sr. Celeste, our church's bookkeeper and all-around go to gal, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. When she had a routine trip to the doctor they located a cyst (what they thought was about the size of an egg) and suggested a hysterectomy. She had a full hysterectomy last Thursday...but during that surgery they found a softball size cyst and a fast spreading cancer. PLEASE pray for her recovery as it has not been determine what type of treatment she may need, but it was very shocking for her and for our church family.

This if just a friendly reminder of how important it is to have our annual exams and mamograms. You never know when something like this will show up and it could save our lives!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Week of School...35 more weeks to go

At the Ackerman's, we now have a freshman in high school! This past week, Kellie, Neil and I started school and we now have one full week completed! Neil started a new school and was thoroughly welcomed and loves his new teacher, Mrs. Woehler. Kellie started high school and also "loves" the new adventure that makes up high school...the extra homework, finding the many classrooms and more importantly, meeting new friends. The start of school was really good. We hope and pray for a continued great school year!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Last Day of Summer

Today, the kids along with Roy and I enjoy the last of summer break. But what a summer we have had...we were blessed to visit with many family members; we were able to experience and be amazed by the beauty of God's creativity in the form of nature and creatures; we were able to go camping, playing and having family fun; and we were are enjoying the excitement of the Olympics. It has been a wonderful summer for all of us!

The kids and I are ready! We have all of our supplies, new uniforms and are mentally prepared for the new year. Please pray for Kellie, Neil and I as we set sail for a new school year. We each have new challenges: new schools, new teachers and new leaders. May the 2008-2009 school year be a blessing and an intellectual growth for each one of us!